Your kids’ artwork: a unique and personal accent to decorate your home

About Us

Do you know your kid’s artwork could have more to offer than what you see on the piece of paper where it was created? Let us transform your kid’s artwork into a unique and adorable piece of art to decorate your home.

I am mother of three and Graphic Designer who has always been amazed by my kids’ artwork. I admire how they can express in their paintings and drawings the way they see the world.

One day, my three-year-old daughter brought home after school a self portrait that I just loved. I wanted to use it to decorate her room, but the artwork looked too simple. It needed something else… a finishing touch!

That is when I Love My Kids’ Art started. I designed a very bright and modern background to enhance my daughter’s self-portrait using her favorite colors and printed it on a canvas. An amazing canvas is now part of her room decor. It looks very professional, like those you can find in a store, but with a big difference: my daughter is the artist!

I know you can find beautiful wall decor designed by very talented artists, but if you really want something unique, personal and meaningful to you and your family, don’t miss the opportunity to have a piece of art from your most important artist: YOUR KID!

I Love my Kids’ Art has been enhancing kids’ artwork for over four years, and now is offering you the opportunity to customize your artwork with different color and styles backgrounds printed on high quality resolution paper or giclée canvas.

We value kids’ artwork, simple and complex at the same time, the imagination, joy, effort and sense of proud of our little artists. Look for that artwork that is meaningful to you and your kid and let us transform it into an enhanced canvas or print to be framed. Make your kid feel proud for being your favorite artists. This will be an original and unique accent to decorate your home or office, while preserving the artwork for generations.

By the way, let me introduce you my three little artists. They are the inspiration and motivation behind I Love my Kids’ Art. Thank you guys!

Feel free to call me to contact me if you have any question about your artwork. I personally will be glad to help you and give you my advice about how to get a truly masterpiece!

Eliana Cordoba / CEO and Founder


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